Interior Design and Makeovers

“Living and working in a comfortable environment is vital to our health and wellbeing.”

It may not be something we consciously give much thought to but when we are surrounded by dullness, we feel dull, when we are surrounded by clutter, we feel uneasy and stressed, and when we are surrounded by beauty and peace we feel, well, beautiful and peaceful of course!

As you will see from the photos on this site, my own home represents my romantic feminine side; a mix of white-washed oak floors, French furniture, flowers, and all the things I adore.

If you have a home or office space that you are tired of looking at or spending time in, let me come and work my magic to transform it. I conduct an initial assessment/diagnostic (i.e. a good long chat with you!) to find out the kind of environment you feel great in and then I work hard to make your vision a reality.